The Onboarding UX Review

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Why an Onboarding review?

The first few minutes of a new customer journey are critical. Visitors to your website decide in seconds whether they’re interested in your product. If they make it to your signup page, you have just minutes to convince them that your SaaS is right for them.

Many users want to get straight to your app. They see the signup process and onboarding as things to get through in as little time as possible. If they can, they skip any walkthroughs or tutorials. They want to know how it works without having to learn.

You need everything in place for the best chance of impressing new users.

An easy sign-up process.
Fantastic onboarding that can be left and returned to at any point.
An intuitive, easy-to-use app. 
The solution to their problem. 
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What an onboarding review looks at

Real-time customer journey.
An onboarding review examines the real-time customer journey. You’ll gain insight into what new customers experience during their first few minutes, begin to understand their frustrations, doubts, and successes, and see everything through their eyes.

The signup process.
According to a report by Heap, SaaS companies can experience a drop-off rate of up to 64% on the signup form alone. That’s significant!

The onboarding system.
Many customers cancel out of a walkthrough because they want to ‘look around.’ But that doesn’t mean their onboarding help ends there. It’s so much bigger than a visual guide. 

Layout & empty dashboards.
App layout can be challenging, especially when combined with a lack of consistency. Many new customers want to find things instinctively, which means empty dashboards are a common issue!

Quick wins and big-picture stuff.
In addition to examining the initial user journey, the review will provide you with some quick wins that you can implement immediately. It will also discuss bigger-picture stuff to keep you and your team busy.

The deliverables

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A 30-minute in-depth video

The onboarding review will deliver a 30-minute in-depth video. We’ll start on your home page and work through the signup process, paying close attention to the critical first minutes of a new user’s journey.

You’ll get to experience how users navigate your onboarding with the help of unbiased eyes.

A written summary

The review will also include a written summary. A 30-minute review can generate a lot of feedback, so we’ll provide a concise overview of our findings.

The written summary makes it easy to scan the highlights and find any quick wins. It’s also a great starting point for creating a to-do list.

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Wireframe highlights

Our wireframes will help you understand how we would approach any changes.

They are valuable assets you can hand to your team along with the to-do list we know you’ll create from your written summary.

Any questions?

How long does it take to complete a review?
We will deliver your SaaS review within one week.

Will my review be public?
All reviews are confidential and will be shared directly with you.

What if we don’t know how to implement your suggestions?
We can help with any design changes. Our UX Retainer plan exists for this very purpose.

How much does it cost?
Our onboarding UX review costs $399. Taxes may be applicable, depending on your location. You can purchase your review below.

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