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In the world of SaaS, UX is everything. But sometimes, UX takes a backseat in the rush to add new features or fix existing ones. That’s where Beyond the Pixel shines. Our UX retainer plans are perfect when you need a bit of everything — we’re the backup you need to ensure sensible UX decisions are being made every step of the way. We don’t just make changes because they look good; we focus on what’s functional for your users.

Interested in making your SaaS the best it can be?

Need a designer for your SaaS?

If you’re looking for a designer, you have four options.

1. Hire an in-house designer

Sure, they’re always available but you have to pay the big bucks to entice any product designer worth their salt.

Don’t forget the time-consuming and potentially expensive hiring process. And to top it off, they might not be a good fit for your business!

2. Hire a freelancer

Freelancers can be more cost-effective, but the back-and-forth on proposals, contracts, and deposits can get old. Much like hiring a full-time product designer, there is a time-consuming and potentially expensive contracting process.

But possibly the biggest drawback to working with a traditional freelancer is the lack of ongoing availability. If a new gig comes along, they’ll take it. And we won’t mention the flaky factor.

3. Use an unlimited design service

In theory, you’ll get hundreds of small design tasks each month for a fixed price. Sounds great! But of course, when you read the small print, you’ll see this isn’t quite the case.

But the real problem is a lack of strategic input or thought. You’ll work with whichever designer is on hand, and sadly, they won’t specialize in UX or product design.

4. Hire a UX studio on retainer.

That’s us! 👋 Our monthly retainer helps SaaS businesses like yours make ongoing improvements without the commitment of a full-time designer, jumping from freelancer to freelancer, or being disappointed with a low-quality unlimited design service. 

We’re a UX studio specializing in improving software month over month.

Some of the ways we help our clients



Wireframes and some good old-fashioned research are at the core of all good products. We can’t imagine working without them. They’re also way cheaper to iterate with than a fully coded SaaS 😉



User testing with custom-built prototypes is the closest thing to a real experience. They’re ideal for testing new features, validating entire products, and finding where users get stuck.


Competitive UX analysis

Our UX competitive analysis service gives you the low-down on your competitors’ activities. What are they doing well? What are they not doing well? This helps you build a better product.


UX reviews

We refer to internal UX reviews as ‘Forest for the Trees’ testing. A product team cannot be unbiased and see things with fresh eyes. Only a new user can have a first experience. Fortunately, we’re experts at being that new customer and articulating where your SaaS is letting you down.


CRO services

SaaS businesses grow over time, some quicker than others. But they all owe their increased MRR to compound growth. We like to think of Conversion Rate Optimization the same way: a bit of research, a dab of data, a test here, and a little growth there. Do this continually, and we see that compound growth!


Custom projects

Whether you start with an Onboarding UX Review or a Feature Sprint, work will nearly always be done afterward. So whether you need ongoing support or want to build the next Unicorn, we can help. We’re always keen to discuss exciting projects with our clients.

We’re business owners

Unlike many designers, we know how to run a business. This places us in a unique position to help you. We’ll be your go-to UX studio. Not only do we know SaaS inside and out, but we also have first-hand experience in what founders need.

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Feature Flux: A design collaboration tool for product teams, specifically, the design process. While it had potential, our research showed it was an undefined space. This would have meant educating a new market and that means funding or time. The site is still live, but the product is on pause.

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Nusii: Proposal software for creative agencies. It was designed and developed until 2019 when it was sold. The product continues today. So much was learned from creating Nusii. Taking a business from 0 to 1 and beyond is a world of knowledge.

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Develop Your UX: A free email course for founders and developers at early-stage startups. Over 10 days, you’ll learn about real-world UX, allowing you to improve your own SaaS.

Our UX retainer plans

Both plans offer the same stellar work. The only difference is the number of hours we’ll set aside each month to focus on your business. You can save 15% when purchasing the Enterprise plan.


20 dedicated hours per month


The Growth plan is best for businesses on a mission to improve their product!

In just 20 hours a month, your business will experience real product progress.


40 dedicated hours per month


Best for SaaS businesses that have ongoing, consistent design needs.

If you need to hit product market fit ASAP or have a backlog of outstanding projects, this package is for you.

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Your dedicated UX studio without the studio salary.

The average product design salary in the United States is between $75,000 and $119,000. Not everyone can commit to such numbers.

Beyond the Pixel makes sensible UX accessible to growing SaaS businesses without the commitment or cost of a full-time employee.

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